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AI Industry in UK (BioMed)
Beta Version

The increased utilisation of AI in the field of biomedicine promises substantial societal and economic advantages for the United Kingdom. The UK's AI biomedicine industry has experienced an extraordinary surge in growth and innovation, firmly establishing itself as a global frontrunner in this transformative field. Within the UK, multiple cities have emerged as thriving AI biomedicine hubs, with London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Glasgow standing out in particular. A vibrant ecosystem of 825 companies, 390 investors, and 40 hubs fosters collaboration, facilitates access to diverse resources, and plays a pivotal role in driving the overall success of the UK's AI biomedicine industry.

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AI Industry in UK BioMed

AI in UK Biomedicine

The "AI in BioMed Industry in the United Kingdom" report unveils the extensive impact of AI within the BioTech and Healthcare sectors in the UK. Within the global arena of BioMed companies, the United Kingdom holds a significant position, representing approximately 11.6% of these entities worldwide. This comprehensive report offers insights into 825 companies, 390 investors, and 40 prominent hubs within the UK's thriving AI-driven BioMed landscape.

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Distribution of AI BioMed Companies by Sector in the UK (Beta Version)

AI Industry in UK (BioMed)
Landscape Overview

The AI in the UK: BioMed Platform is an innovative initiative led by AI Industry Analytics, aimed at fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange within the dynamic AI ecosystem of BioMed. The primary objective of this project is to establish a centralized platform that connects the various facets of BioMed's AI industry, including companies, experts, investors, and AI hubs. By creating a cohesive digital environment, the platform aims to accelerate the growth and impact of AI development in BioMed.

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AI in UK BioMed Leaders

Our mindmap represents a dynamic network of AI experts in the field of BioMed in the United Kingdom. This network encompasses a diverse range of professionals, including researchers, investors and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of driving innovation across multiple domains within the Biomedicine sector. The collective expertise and innovative approaches of these individuals are reshaping the future of healthcare in the UK, promising transformative advancements and breakthroughs in the field.


AI in UK BioMed Knowledge Hub (Beta Version)

Global AI in Drug Discovery Platform

AI in DD Mindmap.png

AI in Cancer Vaccines Platform

HQ_AI in CV MM_2.png

AI in NeuroTech Platform

AI in DD Mindmap.png

AI in Drug Discovery in Asia Platform

AI in DD Asia Mindmap_HQ.png

AI in FemTech Platform

AI in Femtech Round mm (5).webp

AI in Nuclear Medicine Platform

ai in NM.png

AI in Oncology Platform

AI in Oncology Round mm with tables.png

AI in Diabetes Platform

AI in Diabetes circular static mindmap (1).png

AI in Organoids and Organ-on-a-chip Technologies


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Global AI in BioMed Economy Size Assessment

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The “Global AI in BioMed Economy Size Assessment” reveals the expansive role of AI across the BioTech and Healthcare sectors. Estimated at USD 2.5T in 2023 and expected to soar to USD 6T by 2027, the report delves into nine vital sectors from MedTech to Industrial BioTech. With AI as a pivotal force, the industry is not only recovering from previous market declines but also leading in innovation, boasting 5,585 patents in areas like diagnostics, genomics, and personalised medicine. To know more about sophisticated role of AI in Those sectors, dive into our new report.


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Region-Specific AI Ecosystem in UK

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Nothern Ireland
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London flag
Greater Manchester

Industry-Specific AI Ecosystem in UK

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Stock Exchange
Image by HUA LING
Solar Panels on Trees
Green Tech
Image by Maxim Hopman

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