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The Role of Ontology and Information Architecture in AI

eis-example ontology-2.png-2.webp

Source: Earley

Graphical representation of a knowledge base


Source: Earley

Benchmark Result Achieved By A Specific Model On A Specific Dataset For A Specific AI Process Embedded In ITO


Composition of The Concept Barometer


Knowledge Graphs And Creating An Ontological Structure For Enhanced 

Source: Medium

Identify Key and Dependent Concepts

Знімок екрана 2023-07-20 о 01.42.30.png

Source: SIGMOD

Incentives Flywheel - Eco System needed

Source: NSF

Using and Reusing Ontologies in The Construction and Employment of The JFACC Ontology

Methodology: Develop Design in Sight of End-to-End Requirements

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Source: NSF

An OKN Model For Government Agency Decision Making

Source: NSF

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