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Traffic & mobility analysis from floating car data and more


Demographic Data: Best Demographic Datasets & Databases

Source: Datarade

The Diverse Underlying Social Network Structures It Is Possible to Simulate 235 with genNetdem

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Source: HAL

Earth Mover’s Distances

Знімок екрана 2023-07-20 о 04.45.12.png

Source: HAL

Generative Model 

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Source: HAL

State-to-State Migration for States of 8 Million or More

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Source: Census

Measuring Race and Ethnicity Across the Decades: 1790–2010

Знімок екрана 2023-07-20 о 04.55.03.png

Source: Census

Where Do College Graduates Work?

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Source: Census

The World’s Population at 8 Billion


European Population in 3D

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Source: Topi Tjukanov

Demography 2023 Edition

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Source: Eurostat

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