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BioMed Softwares


AlphaFold is an advanced AI system developed by DeepMind that accurately predicts the 3D structure of proteins from their amino acid sequences, revolutionizing protein research and drug development.

AutoQSAR - Schrodinger

An software for the automated creation and application of predictive QSAR models following best practices, which is widely used in lead optimization, ADME/Tox modeling, genotypic, phenotypic screening analysis, materials discovery and many other applications.


An open-source platform for drug discovery with deep learning.

Apache NiFi

A data integration platform that supports data routing, transformation, and mediation tasks in real-time.


Cleerly is a digital healthcare company transforming the way clinicians approach the treatment of heart disease. Our clinically-proven, AI-based digital care platform works with coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) imaging to help clinicians precisely identify and define atherosclerosis earlier, so they can provide personalized, life-saving treatment plans for all patients throughout their care continuum.


LigandScout is a fully integrated platform for accurate virtual screening based on 3D chemical feature pharmacophore models.

Apache Spark

An open-source unified analytics engine for big data processing.

Cloud Pharmaceuticals

Cloud partners, designs, develops, and licenses novel drug compounds for a wide range of underserved medical indications to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical research markets.


An open-standard language for modeling and simulating complex physical systems, often used in engineering and industrial applications.


A suite of automated docking tools used for virtual screening and molecular docking in drug discovery.


A JavaScript library for creating interactive and dynamic data visualizations on the web. It's commonly used for creating charts, graphs, and other visual representations of data.

Open Babel

Open Babel is a open-source chemical toolbox designed to speak the many languages of chemical data.
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