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BioMed Persons

19 top health tech influencers to follow

2019’s HealthIT Week may have come and gone, but there are still many things to learn. With that in mind, here are 19 of the most influential people in Health Technology. These are the visionaries who, across social media, medicine, technology, and journalism, will show us the way toward a better future in the health field.

25 Digital Health Influencers to Follow in 2023

If you're looking to add some digital health into your routine, it's important to make sure that you're following the right people. We've got a list of our favorite influencers in the biz who are making waves in the digital health space. Check them out, follow them on social media, and get ready to learn more about how technology can help improve your health!

30 Healthcare IT Influencers Worth a Follow in 2022

HealthTech is excited to highlight the leadership and hard work of 30 healthcare IT influencers driving innovation and change in the digital health space. These leaders offer valuable insights into successful technology implementations.

Meet Popular Founders from Healthtech

Six New HealthTech Founders Join the StartUp Health Platform

StartUp Health has been the most active investor in health innovation companies in 2019. And we’re not slowing down. Meet the latest Health Transformers to join our family.

The Top 25 Biotech CEOs of 2022

Over the past year, these leading biotechnology executives and their organizations have demonstrated ingenuity, skill, and perseverance in solving tremendous challenges. The specialties of this year’s CEOs and their companies run the gamut from gene therapy to vaccine development, cancer treatment, proteomics, mRNA-based therapeutics, and much more. Many of the awardees have also found success in raising significant amounts of funding for their companies, which enables them to continue to have positive impact on the biotechnology field for years to come.

25 Digital Health Influencers To Follow in 2022

List of 25 digital health influencers who are making an impact on the digital healthcare transformation in 2022. The list is categorized into the following sections: Social Media Consultants, In-Person Conference Organizers, Online Meetup Organizers, Healthcare Influencers.

25 Healthtech Influencers to Follow by 2020

This article highlights the influencers who have been doing paramount contribution to the health-tech industry. Their active participation in enhancing technology applications across the medical sector is contagious and commendable. AI Time Journal takes this opportunity to appreciate the below listed 25 health care influencers.

Fierce Healthcare's most influential minority executives in healthcare for 2022

We honor each of these leaders today that had a unique influence on the healthcare industry in the last year. And, while the industry continues to grapple with a lack of racial and gender diversity at its highest levels of leadership, we aim to shine a spotlight on some of the critical contributions made by people of color across health systems, physicians' offices, health tech, research and insurance.

Most influential people in biopharma—the scientists

Like last week's group of biopharma CEOs, the scientists we profiled represent companies of various sizes, and their work spans vastly different research platforms. But they've all left a profound impact on the industry, be it through advancing gene editing technology and HIV treatment or unearthing novel ways to attack disease. To compile this list of scientific influencers, the Fierce team solicited reader nominations and submitted our own nominees. After internal debate, we landed on five people who've significantly contributed to the scientific advances of the biopharma industry in the last several years

The 10 Most Well-Connected People in Biotech

It has been said that, in business, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The people with the most connections may very well be the most powerful people within an industry. You’ve already met the young guns of biopharma; now, GEN thinks it’s time you got to know the most connected people in biotech. Below is a list, in alphabetical order, of 10 “well-connected” board members and executives with responsibilities at biopharma companies and/or medical research institutions, based on present and past activity. Dates for that activity are furnished where they are known.

The Top 25 Women Leaders in Consumer HealthTech of 2022

The awardees on this year’s list represent some of the most innovative companies in the healthcare technology space. They provide their organizations with steady leadership and deep knowledge in their respective specialties, piloting their companies through ever-changing market conditions with an unwavering focus on customer needs.
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