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BioMed Hubs

19 major biotech hubs

The international biotech sector clocked in at $1.37 trillion in 2022 despite headwinds such as slow launches, long-term drug pricing shifts and changing consumer behavior. Recent biotech breakthroughs include the development of an Ebola vaccine, progress in genetic testing and drug treatments and advances in artificial tissue growth. This article explores several leading biotech centers across the world and highlights their respective strengths.

Five emerging biotech hubs in the Asia-Pacific region

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is the third largest pharmaceutical market in the world, and has seen a shift from predominantly producing generics to developing innovative technologies. Here are five emerging biotech hubs in the region to keep an eye on.

Mapping the top U.S. medical manufacturing hubs

California repeatedly tops polls as one of the most business-unfriendly states, but that hasn’t given the medical technology industry pause. In a recent white paper, “The Top 10 Medtech States,” published by sister brand Qmed, the Golden State ranks first in the nation, “boasting more medical device companies and workers—by far—than any other [state]” write Qmed editors Brian Buntz and Chris Newmarker.

The Emerging MedTech Hub To Put On Your Radar

Thanks to several initiatives and programs put in place to drive MedTech innovation, Buffalo, New York, is a city to watch.

The State of Healthtech Startups in 2022

This report depicts the state of the healthtech startup industry in 2022. Providing an in-depth look into the top 30 cities for healthtech as well as the top unicorns, exits, and pantheons, this report details the findings of the Global Startup Ecosystem Index.

The top biotech hubs in 2022

Top cities for biotechs include Boston, San Francisco, San Diego and a little corner of North Carolina, Research Triangle Park, that sits between Raleigh and Durham. (i3D_VR/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Boston Named World's Top Biotech Hub as the City's Leading Biotech Companies Continue to Make Major Breakthroughs

With over 1,000 biotech companies calling the Greater Boston area home, the Massachusetts capital has become the world’s top biotech hub, generating some of the most innovative developments in the manufacturing of treatments and diagnostics.

Here Are 10 of the Hottest Biotech Hubs in Europe

Biotech is rapidly gaining traction in Europe. To help those trying to pick one of the many biotech hubs in Europe, I have compiled a list of where some of the most exciting biotech companies are based.

Revealing UK’s HealthTech 50 and MedTech 50 for 2023

Latest edition of innovation rankings celebrate incredible technology creators in nation’s healthcare and medical sectors

The Seven Most Important Medtech Clusters in Europe

Technology clusters can generate many benefits for the companies involved, from cost savings to research collaboration. We highlight the most important European medtech hubs.

The top 10 medical device states: Everything you need to know

California, Minnesota and Massachusetts dominate the U.S. medical device industry. But many other states also play a significant role in medtech.

Top 10 Healthtech Companies | 2023

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant patients worldwide have seen the benefits of digital healthcare services—from booking vaccination appointments online to virtual GP appointments. This high-quality blend of in-person and online services is vital for easing pressures on public and private healthcare providers, and is what healthtech is all about: using technology to improve out of hospital/general practice healthcare.
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