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BioMed Conferences and Workshops

2021 Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health

The University of Melbourne

With the advent of digital approaches to mental health, modern artificial intelligence (AI) (machine learning in particular) is being used in the development of prediction, detection, and treatment solutions for mental health care. Although there has been considerable progress in digital health and the application of AI to physical health in general, the adoption of AI in mental health is relatively nascent. Opportunities are emerging however. In terms of treatment, AI can be incorporated into digital interventions, particularly web and smartphone apps, to enhance user experience and optimise personalised mental health care. In terms of prediction and detection, modern streams of abundant data, whether they be from medical imaging or an individual’s interactions with digital technologies, mean that data-driven AI methods can be employed to gain mental health insights.


Kisaco Research

This exclusive industry event unites the experts in AI/ML innovation, application, and integration to accelerate pipeline workflow – bringing new therapeutics to market with unequivocal efficiency. This event is your opportunity to assess enterprise-wide solutions capable of supporting product discovery and clinical validity.

AI for Oncology, Precision Medicine, and Health

Bio-IT World Hackathon

The AI for Oncology, Precision Medicine, and Health track will discuss technology tools that enable artificial intelligence for oncology, precision medicine, and health. First, how do you define the complexity of the problem before applying technology tools? What data is available for doing any of this well? What are the technology tools, including emerging “new and exciting” ones, to consider? Speakers will present focused use cases that discuss all of these questions that help leverage information to identify translation efforts from research to clinical.

AI in Health Conference

Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University

The AI in Health Conference is your opportunity to connect with and learn from researchers, engineers, clinicians, and entrepreneurs at the forefront of artificial intelligence in healthcare and public health. Brought to you by the Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University, this program will address the current state of artificial intelligence in health and showcase a research-based outlook on the next 10 years.

Artificial Intelligence for Oncology

Events srl

As the AI research field is evolving at a rapid pace, the event will be topped off by a session offering perspectives already going beyond the current state of the art and providing insights into the AI of tomorrow – how it could be involved as full-fledged actor in clinical decision-making, all the way to the field of quantum sciences.

Digital Oncology Conference 2023

CCC-N translational research team

The Digital Oncology Conference 2023 is a scientific symposium and networking platform for digital oncology research to promote interdisciplinary and interprofessional cooperation. Big data in cancer research, artificial intelligence in diagnostics, or planning virtual tumor boards for interdisciplinary treatment - digital innovations have had a massive impact on oncology in recent years and are indispensable in everyday medical practice. At the Digital Oncology Conference we want to give an overview about the potentials and challenges of implementing digital approaches in cancer research and health care.

2023 National Telemedicine Summit

2023 National Telemedicine Summit

Key Strategies to Revolutionize & Transform Healthcare Delivery, Optimize Quality Patient Care & Outcomes, Increase Accessibility, Enhance Data Analytics, and Reduce Costs!

AI for Longevity Summit

King’s College London

AI for Longevity Summit is organised by Aging Research at King’s (ARK) and AI Longevity Consortium at King’s College London, and is supported by Biogerontology ResearchFoundation, Aging Analytics Agency and Deep Knowledge Ventures.

AI in Cancer Immunotherapy

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural

Great progress has been made in studying cancer immunology and the development of immunotherapies. The complexity of the immune system and the duplicity of cancer, plus the expense of treatments and variable patient responses, make for a perfect data storm. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and artificial neural networks (ANN) are poised to help unlock cancer’s secrets, identify, and validate immuno-oncology (IO) targets, evaluate assets, and apply effective immunotherapies. However, optimally utilizing and effectively mining these large diverse data sets is daunting. The combined efforts of researchers, clinicians, and data scientists are required. Join colleagues to share strategies and celebrate successes at CHI’s Inaugural AI in Cancer Immunotherapy meeting.

AI, Machine Learning, Systems and Spatial Biology in Oncology Conference

Mayo Clinic

Conference on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, systems and spatial biology in oncology to hear speakers, including NCI’s Dr. Jill Barnholtz-Sloan, discuss the future of cancer research and treatment.

CureSearch Summit 2023


Summit 2023 will address the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence in medicine broadly, and then focus on positioning pediatric oncology at the forefront of the big data revolution.

FemTechnology Summit 2023


This year, in collaboration with Roche, we are hosting an invite only event for 150 innovators in women’s health. With a highly curated participant list, this year’s Summit leverages diversity of experience and the expertise of attendees to tackle pressing issues in women’s health together.
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