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69 AI Startups to Watch (and Work for) in 2023

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Source: Seedtable

100 AI Companies by Primary Focus Area and Client Base


Source: CB Insights

Top 50 Generative AI Startups to Watch

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AI 50

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Source: Forbes

The 10 Most Promising AI Startups 2021

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The AI Startups Redefining Industries In 2020


Source: CB Insights

Ranking the Top 15 ML Startups to Watch in 2021



60+ Startups Using Deep Learning


Source: CB Insights

Top 10 AI Startups 2020

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Ranking of Top-Funded AI Startups in the United States, 2016-2021

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Source: Statista

Number of AI Startups Acquired, 2010 - June 2021

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Source: Statista

Top 5 Companies Acquiring AI Startups

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Top 10 AI Startups to Watch in 2023

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Source: sommo

100 Startups Using AI to Transform Industries

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Source: medium

These 100 Companies Are Leading the Way in AI

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Top AI Startups

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Source: Valuer

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