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M&A Related to AI in the Global Technology Industry (by deal volume)

Source: Verdict

How algorithms work

Source: TCS

M&A related to artificial intelligence in the global industry

Top Buyers and M&A Transaction volume in Artificial Intelligence

Source: Hampleton

Global M&A Deal Volumes Fell Further to Begin 2023


Source: Bloomberg Law

All Market Segments Saw Decrease in Deal Volumes to Start 2023

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Source: Bloomberg Law

M&A Related to AI in The Global Technology Industry (by deal value)

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Source: Verdict

Global Mergers and Acquisitions value and voulme

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AI Among Anticipated M&A Dispute Areas

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Source: Bloomberg Law

Apple Leads The Big Tech Race For AI

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Source: CBInsights

Since 2010, There Have Been 635 AI Acquisitions

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Source: CBInsights

The Pace of AI Acquisitions Has Rapidly Increased 

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Source: CBInsights

Heatmap: Concentration of AI Acquisitions by Category

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Source: CBInsights

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