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Seeds Round Size Distribution (AI VS non AI Startups)


Source: .addepto

Global Seed And Angel Investment Through Q2 2023

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Source: Crunchbase

Global Total Corporate AI Investment, 2015-2021

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Source: Writterbuddy

Present of Companies by Latest Disclosed Round

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Source: IAM

Scale AI Funding Rounds

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Source: Raison

Global Funding by Stage Through April 2023


Source: Datanami

Investor Interest in Generative AI Soared in 2022


Source: CB Insights

Where Is All The Money Going in Generative AI?


Source: CB Insights

Investment in AI is Down to 2020 Levels

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Source: sifted

Number of Seed by Startup type

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Source: .addepto

2015-2020 Funding Activity for AI Startups in Canada

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AI Startup Funding Reaches Record High

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Source: Statista

AI Startup Funding Worldwide From 2011 To 2023

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Source: Statista

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