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Traffic & mobility analysis from floating car data and more


Mobility Data: Best Mobility Datasets & Databases

Source: Datarade

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)


Variations in Mobility Metrics M1 and M2 During 2022 Social Unrest in ECU and PAN and When Hurricane Agatha Struck Oaxaca


Four Objectives and SDG Targets

Знімок екрана 2023-07-20 о 04.37.13.png

 Illustration on the LA map of vehicle samples

Source: MDPI

Statistics on Protection Offered by The Road Network by User Type

Знімок екрана 2023-07-20 о 04.39.55.png

PM10 Levels for Selected Cities by Region, for The Last Available Year in The Period 2011-2015

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